Accordion Folding Fire Door, Model ERP10  

TranZform Accordion Folding Fire Doors are rated physical fire barriers that protect openings with minimal headroom from the spread of fire and smoke. TranZform Fire units provide automatic closing in the event of fire detection. For use in required means of egress openings. Perfect for elevator lobbies and area separations. STC 41. 


Sizes: Openings from 3’ 6" to 22’ H to a maximum of 1440 square feet, standard construction. 

Operation: Motor operation provided as standard for controlled automatic closing with emergency exit capability and ease of testing. 

Stack Area: Pocket Depth = 1/4 HP operator (up to 100 sq. ft.) = 2.1" per ft. of opening width +22". 1/2 HP operator = 2.1" per foot +30". For units over 16' High or when clearances are critical consult factory. 

TranZform Fire Door Benefits:

  • Less Headroom Clearance Required than Rolling Fire Doors.
  • For use in openings that are part of a required means of egress.
  • ADA Compliance: TranZform Fire units comply with the American with Disabilities Act accessibility standards.
  • Fail-safe emergency response capability. When an alarm is activated, TranZform Fire closes automatically to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, even in the event of a power failure.
  • Quality Components: Heavy duty roller with steel hanger pin assembly, mechanically secured hinges and drive chain configuration all ensure long life and allow for simple, cost effective service.
  • Balanced Materials Equals Minimal Hang Weight of approximately 5.5 lbs. per sq. ft., extended.

TranZform Fire Options Include:

  • Single Slide or Bi-Parting Construction
  • Curved Track Construction
  • Non-sway Construction
  • Vision Panels
  • Pocket Doors
  • SpectraShield Powder Coating: a full spectrum of durable colors are available with Cornell's in-house powder coating system. View Cornell's SpectraShield Powder Coat page, or contact Cornell for further details.

Materials and Finishes:

Panels and Hinges: Panels are 24 gauge, 4 1/2" wide corrugated steel panels in a double wall construction, finish coated steel. Coating process includes a flexible urethane primer followed by a high performance, medium gloss, baked-on polyester coating in standard platinum gray color. Full height metal hinges, materials and finish to match door panels. Consult factory for optional SpectraShield® Powder Coating finish colors.

Header and Floor Sweeps: Continuous fire retardant, flat black flexible seals attached to the top and bottom of the panels protect against the passage of air and smoke.

Track: Interconnected double rail heavy duty extruded aluminum or steel shape supports and retains the roller assemblies. Multiple styles available for varying field construction.

Emergency Exit Hardware: ADA compliant, clearly marked vertical exit bar provided as standard, both sides. Additional exit bars available for wide doors. 

Download Side Accordion Fire Door Brochure