Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My hand held remote does not work.   Do I need a new one?

    First try changing the battery.  Rectangular shaped remotes will have a screw located under the clip to access the battery.  “Code Dodger” remotes have the battery access located at the square end of the remote. 

    You will need to re-program the remote after changing the battery.  On rectangular remotes are two buttons located on the circuit board.  After changing the battery you will need to press and hold the button located near the edge of the remote and then press and hold the second button located near the center of the circuit board.  A light will go out and when it comes back on solid the remote is programmed and ready for use.

    If the lights do not come on you need to purchase a new remote and need the settings of the small white switches located on the remote. 

    “Code Dodger” remotes need to be programmed to the operator unit in the garage.  Press the “Learn Code” button located next to the black antennae.  Press the learn code button once and then begin pressing the button on the remote once every second.  The door should begin to operate after about the third or fourth time you press the button.  DO NOT continue pressing the button once the door begins to operate.  Let the LED light go out completely before trying to program another remote.  If the door does not begin to operate before the light goes out you may either need a new remote or a new reciver for the operator.

    ***The above process you can download a copy of the owners manual from our website.

  2. My remote was lost and I need to make sure it will no longer operate my garage door opener. How can I change the code?

    On single frequency units made over 10 years ago you will need to change the switches located on a small blue block on the operator hanging from the ceiling and then set your new remotes to the corresponding settings.

    On "Code Dodger" remotes you will need to locate the "Learn Code" button on the unit hanging from the ceiling. Press and hold the button for 15 to 20 seconds until the LED light goes out. All codes will be removed from memory and then you can program your new remotes to the operator as explained above or in your owner's manual.

  3. My door will not close with the remote and will only close if I hold the wall button down. What is the problem?

    It is most likely the photocells that detect if something is in the way of the door closing. Is something in the line of the safe-t-beam? One photocell has a green light and one has red light. If one or both lights is not on the photocells may be bad. If one is blinking, they may be out of alignment and can be adjusted by physically bending the brackets until the lights stay on solid. 

    If you cannot correct the problem we recommend you call us to schedule a service call. 

  4. How can I close my garage door if the opener is not working?

    Utilize the Emergency Disconnect which will allow you to open and close the door manually.  Disconnect the door from the operator by pulling down on the rope that hangs by the arm that connects to the door. 

    The procedure to disconnect, lock in the dis-connect and re-connect modes of different model openers may be slightly different. Check your owner's manual for the exact procedure.


  5. Can I replace one or more individual sections?

    Generally, replacing one section is economically feasible.  It may take three to four weeks to get a replacement panel from the factory if not in stock.  We will need to determine the model, color, width and height of door that you have to make sure that we have the correct replacement. 

    Replacing two or more panels is close to the cost of a new door.  The new door will provide all new hardware and springs along with a new warranty.

  6. What is the warranty on your doors and/or openers?

    one year warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship on all new products that we install is offered by Overhead Door Company of New Orleans.  Service repairs have a 30 day warranty.

    Individual components may have additional manufacturers’ warranties.  Example: Metal sections are warranted against rust through for between 10 years and lifetime depending upon the series of door.  Openers have a two year warranty on the motor.