Coiling Fire Doors
Model ERD10

Coiling Fire Doors are rated physical fire barriers that protect wall openings from the spread of fire. They provide automatic closing in the event of fire detection with governed speed control. Fire doors are also designed for daily use to provide security and access control, but are for use in openings that are not part of a required means of egress. Cornell offers a complete line of labeled rolling doors for protection in wall openings where rated doors are required by building codes and for insurance purposes. 

Fire Door Listings: UL Classified 4 HR, 3 HR, 11/2 HR, 1 HR and 3/4 HR labels and Factory Mutual Approval, see FM Approval Guide. Cornell Fire Doors are listed with theCalifornia Office of the State Fire Marshal. 

To verify if your installed fire doors meet building code and are NFPA 80 compliant, please review Cornell's Fire Inspectors Checklist. Designed for Fire Inspectors, Building Code Officials, Authorities Having Jurisdiction and Plant Managers, download the checklist to bring on-site. 

Sizes: 30' wide, 30' high standard construction. Large Openings to 50' wide, 40' high up to 1200 square feet, consult factory. 

SmokeShield® Fire Doors: Add UL classified smoke and draft control to fire doors. Containing smoke saves lives and building property and also aids in fire containment by slowing oxygen flow to the fire source. It's simple to double up on the protection of your building and may be required by your local building code. Be sure to add SmokeShield protection to all your Fire Door products.

Specified Wind Load: Coiling fire doors can be designed to meet specific PSF wind load requirements.

Seismic Performance Validation: Cornell can provide project specific seismic calculations for all coiling fire doors that are mounted Face of Wall or Between Jambs to steel or masonry. Seismic performance validation is per ASCE 7-05.

Material and Finishes: curtains are available in 22, 20 and 18 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex finish in light gray or tanSpectraShield® powder coating as an available option, or 20 gauge 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish. Stamped steel or cast iron endlocks are provided per UL procedure. Additional Material and Finishes information

Fire Door Mounting: Face of wall or between jambs configurations in both interior and exterior walls. Approved wall types for the mounting of fire doors include masonry or structural steel jambs. 

Fire Door System Operation:

M100 FireGard Closing Systems are recommended. Available in bracket mounted motor, tube motor for counter fire doors and manual chain or crank. M100 Closing Systems offer the following benefits:

  • Automatic resetting of the automatic closing system yields dramatic savings for building owners in testing and resetting costs as well as minimized opening downtime.
  • M100 systems are directly wired for activation by fire alarm systems, local detectors or power failure without requiring connection to a separate alarm interface, fusible link release device.
  • Eliminate mechanical spring release and complicated resting and resetting, especially on recessed and larger doors.
  • Safe, controlled, automatic closing speed will not exceed 12" per second.
  • Can be applied consistently on fire door, insulated fire door, counter fire door and SmokeShield® products.
  • UL Certification allows Cornell to retrofit M100 motor, chain and crank operators to most manufacturer’s fire doors while maintaining the door’s listing agency ratings.

A full line of FireGard Closing Systems with simplified reset fire doors is also available. These systems close fire rated door without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism. FireGard operators include bracket mounted motor, manual chain and manual crank operated units. They are recommended for openings not in a pedestrian thoroughfare, where connection to a central alarm system or local detectors is not required by local building officials, or where installation of fusibile links, turnbuckles, chains and eyebolts to the face of both sides of the wall above the opening will not detract from the intended aesthetics of the opening. FireGard systems offer the following benefits:

  • Close fire rated doors without releasing spring tension, avoiding dangerous resetting process.
  • Fuselink activated.
  • Simple system reset by reconnecting the fuselink.
  • Required annual inspection by a trained fire door system technician is simplified.
  • Systems will not automatically close upon power failure.
  • Economical.

Download the M100 FireGard Brochure